The Negative And Positive Homework Effect On Students

The Negative And Positive Homework Effect On Students

Throughout the years there has been an ongoing debate as to whether or not homework does more harm than good. We know that teaching resources are growing scarcer each year and as a result many educators are forced to hand out more high school homework as a way to measure whether or not students are learning. But studies and results differ on the actual negative and positive effects of homework. Here are five negative and five positives suggested by in the debate for you to consider:

Negative Effects of Homework

Takes Away from Social Development
High school students need to develop socially just as much as they do their education, but excessive work at home can keep them from interacting with others and learning important skills they’ll need to apply in personal relationships with others in the future.

It Lowers Physical Mobility/Lifestyle
We all know that people today are far more sedentary than people from just a few decades ago. Students are giving up physical activities because they are concerned about having to do homework in order to maintain good grades.

Grading Isn’t Quite Proactive or Accurate
Many teachers don’t actually take the time to check homework assignments. They are far more concerned with the principle in having completed work than actually having done the work correctly.

Creative Pursuits Go Out the Window
A lot of students give up their creativity because they’re too busy trying to keep up in class. There exists a belief that in order to succeed one must achieve a certain level of education in order to land a professional 9 – 5 kind of job.

It Encourages Quantity over Quality
Students simply worry about finishing an assignment rather than taking in or absorbing what is actually being asked of them. Just think about how many times students aim to reach 5 pages in an essay instead of trying to edit for quality.

Positive Effects of Homework

Teaches the Value of Independence
When asked “does homework help?” many students are encouraged by the trust they receive in working independently to figure out assignments instead of having to rely on others for immediate answers.

Reinforce Time Management Skills
With no homework students would struggle to understand the importance of managing their time. By including some work throughout the week, students have to make choices about how they wish to spend their free time.

Encourages Creative Problem Solving
Students enjoy problem solving. While many struggle or show signs of frustration, researchers have found that they are more concerned about getting the answer to a complicated question correct than they are about actually working on it.

Teaches the Value of Responsibility
Students are taught to be held accountable for the work they do or do not do. By doing work at home they understand that they will be rewarded with a good grade and will have an easier time on tests. Without the work they know that they can’t expect to learn much on their own.

Reinforces Planning and Organizing
Planning and organizing are two activities that will follow people throughout their lives and take home work is just one of the first few stepping stones that helps to reinforce these activities until they have become second nature.

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