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At the point of submitting assignments, students come up with several excuses. The most common ones are the ones that claim to be sick. Others are usually more creative and come up with more exciting and complicated stories.

Although the excuses can be farfetched at times, the idea is to make the teacher ease out on the punishment. Here are some of the reasons that students give;

  1. My pet ate the assignment
  2. At the top of the list of excuses for not doing homework, you’ll be shocked to find, is pets. It is not very uncommon to see students trying to work around the emotions of their teachers using their pets. Saying your dog is ill is a terrible idea, and it might not work.

  3. I left my homework at home
  4. Coming to school without your homework can be a little frustrating, especially if you forgot it. But then, it shows you didn’t do it. Sometimes, it’s a result of a terrible combination of not doing your work and wishing the teacher misses class.

  5. “Was there an assignment?”
  6. This excuse is another variation of being forgetful when it comes to homework. Except you can prove to your teacher that you have serious amnesia issues, it’s as bad as saying you didn’t do the assignment in the first place.

  7. My computer crashed
  8. Blaming your failure to do your homework on your computer is very cliché. Similar to that excuse is to blame it on your printer. If you run out of luck, your teacher might request a soft copy.

    You can spice things up by cooking up stories too. For instance, your dad developed important software using your computer, and some Chinese miscreants stole the laptop. Plausible, right?

  9. Some bandits stole my homework
  10. On your way to school, some masked guys jacked you and made away with all your books, including your homework. There are two ways this story can end. Either you are nailed to the cross and die heroic or you run after the bandits and produce your homework.

  11. I couldn’t do it because it was too hard
  12. You might need a little added skill to use this excuse. First, you have to make it seem like you attempted it. Write some random words on the page, create some illustrations, and then cancel it out, making it seem like you were frustrated.


As a student in school, there are many inviting distractions. There are almost always ‘many important’ things to do as against trivial matters like your homework. You don’t have to lie about not doing your homework, especially if you had an emergency that took your time. The chances are that if you are not the regular excuse giver, you might not get punished. But sometimes it’s better to do your assignment instead of giving an excuse. Get guided homework help geography and leave the awkward excuses behind.

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Do you think Homework is a Form of Punishment? http://www.tutorialsinmaths.com/do-you-think-homework-is-a-form-of-punishment.html http://www.tutorialsinmaths.com/do-you-think-homework-is-a-form-of-punishment.html#respond Tue, 09 Jun 2020 15:28:45 +0000 http://www.tutorialsinmaths.com/?p=84 Read More →]]> People will always have different views about Homework, and these views are as a result of various reasons. Furthermore, every person has a preference for handling tasks in a way that makes them comfortable. Some consider carrying work home, and others hate extending organization tasks to work from home. If you are an average employee, leaving work in the evening or the set time always marks the end of your connection to the day’s organization duties. But in some instances, you might find yourself overworking and taking extra hours in a given organization. All these come with the need for promotion or proving your worthiness to the organization. In terms of education, students must do extra work after a long day of learning, mastering, and understanding new and familiar concepts. All these are done to see students succeed in their academic careers. But the extra work tends to eat up free time for relaxing, refreshing, and enjoying with friends and family. As a result, many students will have different feelings about Homework. Some of them will tend to have it as a regular activity, and some will take it as a punishment.

It was until the 20th century that students started extending learning to homes in what is termed as Homework. Extension of educational tasks to home places came with the belief that the brain strengthened with regular mental exercise. In some cases, Homework has brought success, and in others, there has been consistency in the general nature of students. Homework was first administered as a punishment, and there was universality in how the matter was handled. Students were forced to undertake these assignments regardless of their positions and behavior in classes. Currently, learners have different views and attitudes toward Homework. Some conduct these school tasks out of choice, passion, and self-drive. But trust me, the students doing this are just but a smaller fraction because most students dislike homework. Many of them always hate and dislike Homework because of what they term as pressure and stress that comes with home tasks. Others even consider it as an extended task aimed at wasting their free time. With different and most especially contrary motives towards homework, teachers or tutors are likely to be disappointed provided that their target desires are not met.


Learners always have a lot of time to practice while at school, especially under a tutor’s instructional support. Indeed, learners have more time to do revisions, explore new concepts, master new skills, and even undertake tests to determine their level of understanding. As a result, the learner seems to be tired and need someone to do my homework online to free up some time for the rest. Assigning Homework to students is a debatable idea. Come to think of pressures students encounter after a long day of studying and perhaps being forced to understand concepts that are far much beyond their understanding. Learning institutions should consider setting aside a specific time for students to conduct their homework. This is far much better than carrying the tasks to work from home. Carrying school tasks to work from home, in my thinking, can be equated to taking pressures from school and extending them to homes. As a result, students face a hard time in managing duties at home. So, Homework deprives the children of time for creativity, fun, refreshment, and sharing with others as well.

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Can Homework Lead To Depression? http://www.tutorialsinmaths.com/can-homework-lead-to-depression.html http://www.tutorialsinmaths.com/can-homework-lead-to-depression.html#respond Tue, 09 Jun 2020 15:24:56 +0000 http://www.tutorialsinmaths.com/?p=80 Read More →]]> The quest for the impact of homework on students has now become a significant educational issue that should be addressed. Homework indeed comes with various disadvantages and adverse effects on students. Mostly, students are prone to having stress and, in turn, face a hard time when given assignments. Currently, various organizations have stipulated policies that govern the amount of homework given to students. In most cases, these organizations specify a period of 10-minute night homework for first-grade students and 2-hour night homework for students at the high school level. Schools specify a limit of 10-minute homework for any class.

The question to address here is whether homework causes depression or not. This article will, therefore, examine homework-related issues and determine whether depression is an end-result of homework to students. Well, there are many impacts related to assigning tedious and tough tasks for students. When teachers or tutors assign students tasks to work from home, various factors should be put into consideration. Realistically, many tutors miss on this matter. Tutors fail to address several issues like the amount of homework given to students as well as the manageability of the tasks assigned. In most cases, learners will always experience a hard time handling assignments that are far much beyond their abilities. If you read what happens if you fail a class in college, you will understand you should do all your best in order not to fail. Furthermore, the same students face many tasks to handle over a fixed time.

Research has shown that most students spend much of their time doing homework and, in some cases, extend into time reserved for other personal activities. As a result, the learners may end up not doing other activities that are essential in their development. Mostly, learners will end up missing on their daily activities such as sharing their concerns with family members and friends, participating in activities they have affection for, and cultivating their mentality as well as life skills. Students with a lot of homework to do are often linked to complications such as sleep deprivation, exhaustion, stomach problems, weight loss, and of course, depression. Cases of young students taking drugs such as alcohol and marijuana have scaled up at a faster rate.

Since high amounts of unmanageable homework deprive the learners of their peaceful and calm moments, instructors should focus on a strategic plan of assigning manageable chunks of tasks to learners. Teachers should also strive hard to understand the needs of each student so that they can assign homework according to student ability. Being inconsiderate means that a section of students will miss out on the required necessities, such as research materials, which in turn give the learner a hard time while doing assignments. When a learner is determined to finish the homework on time and cannot make it for some reason, there is always a possibility of feeling inferior, and this is where depression sets in. Furthermore, depression can set in when the student feels that a lot of homework is given out to be done over a short period.


Teachers should aim to curb all these sources of depression. Homework is indeed helpful to students even though they have enough time to study at school. But then additional hours for study at home can seem way hard for students, especially when they are given assignments that are not worthwhile. Let us issue homework to help the student but not to deprive their time for doing other activities and impacting depression on them.

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How Can I Get Quality Homework Helper Free For Math? http://www.tutorialsinmaths.com/65.html http://www.tutorialsinmaths.com/65.html#respond Fri, 04 Jan 2019 11:11:44 +0000 http://www.tutorialsinmaths.com/?p=65 Read More →]]> Getting homework help for free always appears difficult for most students. There is always the question of the quality of this assistance. However, experts agree that there is always a way you can get cheap assistance that is quality. Here are tips provided by experts that will reduce the cost of assistance you get with your assignments and make it free in some cases.

Ask Your Teacher
Teachers are always available to assist students with academic work. In fact, they are allowed and obligated to offer math homework help for free. The only difference is the type of help they provide. They will not complete the exercise or questions given. Their help comes in the form of reference materials and examples. You are also required to consult with your teacher whenever you get reference materials that you intend to use for your work. Help form your teacher will be free and quality because teachers have the obligation. Because they are not guided by commercial interests, they will always offer quality assistance.

Family Members Will Help
Family members can provide homework help on different topics. This is especially from your elder brothers, sisters and other members who have completed the grade. The help they provide also gives them a chance to participate in your academic journey. They will take pride in ensuring that you succeed in class. Family members will never charge you for the help they offer. They are also not driven by commercial interests. This means that they deliver quality services.

Discuss With Peers
Have you ever considered your peers and classmates as a source of statistics homework help for free? It is time you regarded them as such. Classmates are always with you when the topic is taught. They will also be available during breaks. Further, they understand areas where you could be having weaknesses and where you are strong. This gives them a chance to intervene. The free discussion that happens among friends guarantees quality help.

Get a Math Solver
There are free apps and websites where you can get help. These homework help websites free are run by reputable organizations out to assist students advance their academic pursuit. They provide apps and portals on their websites where you can enter numbers and obtain worked-out answers. You need to verify that the websites of apps they provide can offer accurate answers. These websites should also be approved or recommended by teachers and other stakeholders in education. Use trial versions of these apps to verify whether they will meet your expectations.

Go for Examples
Request the helper to provide examples instead working on the real questions. Examples are always few and will cost less. These examples will guide you when you are working on the exercises. You will pay less for the assignment assistance compared to when you get real work done. In fact, there are free examples on writing websites that you can use for reference purposes.

Getting homework helper free online requires a bit of searching. The assistants charge for their services. It means you have to find the special situations where help is offered cheaply or free of charge.

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Searching For Top Rated Homework Math Services On The Internet http://www.tutorialsinmaths.com/searching-for-top-rated-homework-math-services-on-the-internet.html http://www.tutorialsinmaths.com/searching-for-top-rated-homework-math-services-on-the-internet.html#respond Wed, 12 Dec 2018 09:51:16 +0000 http://www.tutorialsinmaths.com/?p=63 Read More →]]> For a long time I was envious of the highest performing students in my math class. They never seemed to struggle with any assignments and did very well on their tests. Any new concept seemed to be easily understood by them while I struggled despite getting personal tutoring help to assist with my homework math. I soon learned that many of my classmates had actually taken a different route; instead of hiring tutors they received CPM homework help from professionals. There are tons of services on the web and I just had to conduct a little background research to find one that would meet my needs. The process isn’t too difficult to go through and I’m sharing what I learned with you here:

Searched for a List of Companies Dealing Specifically in Math
When I first considered using a professional math problem solver to help with my assignments I was careful to create a list of companies that specialized in math. This was critical because some places focused on certain areas and I didn’t want to leave my assignments up to chance (or rather I didn’t want to take any risks). While one place might do really well with writing assignments other places might deal with this subject alone. Use an optimized keyword search to make your choice easier.

Read Several Testimonials Made from Students in Similar Situations
As I stated earlier, several of my classmates had already been using a homework math solver for their assignments. Online chatrooms and discussion forums also provided insight towards the best companies on the internet. I recommend you spend time reading as many testimonials as you can so that you can get a clearer picture of the better services dealing specifically with your subjects.

Compared Each Services Products, Prices, and Complete Policies
At first it appeared to me that many services were similar or had similar histories according to what I learned by checking testimonials. But upon closer observation I found that some sites certainly seemed a little more trustworthy or offered better value when I compared all available products, prices, and policies. There was even some places that offered a free homework math app that I could use when working on my assignments on my own.

Reviewed Each Expert’s Qualifications and Educational Level
The last step I took was to go through a simple system of evaluating each expert’s qualifications and educational level. I figured that I should rely on someone who hadn’t yet earned an advance degree – and this info became pretty easy to find by just asking customers support for additional information. Some sites even already had this posted right on their homepage.

To say the least this was one of the smartest decisions I ever made. By hiring a online math homework solver, my algebra test scores shot up almost instantly. I finally was experiencing what all my hard work deserved. My schedule opened up and I was able to shift my effort towards other responsibilities, particularly to other subjects I knew I needed improvement on. I absolutely recommend any student who struggles with math or any other subjects to get some professional help.

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The Negative And Positive Homework Effect On Students http://www.tutorialsinmaths.com/the-negative-and-positive-homework-effect-on-students.html http://www.tutorialsinmaths.com/the-negative-and-positive-homework-effect-on-students.html#respond Thu, 06 Dec 2018 09:59:21 +0000 http://www.tutorialsinmaths.com/?p=60 Read More →]]> Throughout the years there has been an ongoing debate as to whether or not homework does more harm than good. We know that teaching resources are growing scarcer each year and as a result many educators are forced to hand out more high school homework as a way to measure whether or not students are learning. But studies and results differ on the actual negative and positive effects of homework. Here are five negative and five positives suggested by Myhomeworkdone.com in the debate for you to consider:

Negative Effects of Homework

Takes Away from Social Development
High school students need to develop socially just as much as they do their education, but excessive work at home can keep them from interacting with others and learning important skills they’ll need to apply in personal relationships with others in the future.

It Lowers Physical Mobility/Lifestyle
We all know that people today are far more sedentary than people from just a few decades ago. Students are giving up physical activities because they are concerned about having to do homework in order to maintain good grades.

Grading Isn’t Quite Proactive or Accurate
Many teachers don’t actually take the time to check homework assignments. They are far more concerned with the principle in having completed work than actually having done the work correctly.

Creative Pursuits Go Out the Window
A lot of students give up their creativity because they’re too busy trying to keep up in class. There exists a belief that in order to succeed one must achieve a certain level of education in order to land a professional 9 – 5 kind of job.

It Encourages Quantity over Quality
Students simply worry about finishing an assignment rather than taking in or absorbing what is actually being asked of them. Just think about how many times students aim to reach 5 pages in an essay instead of trying to edit for quality.

Positive Effects of Homework

Teaches the Value of Independence
When asked “does homework help?” many students are encouraged by the trust they receive in working independently to figure out assignments instead of having to rely on others for immediate answers.

Reinforce Time Management Skills
With no homework students would struggle to understand the importance of managing their time. By including some work throughout the week, students have to make choices about how they wish to spend their free time.

Encourages Creative Problem Solving
Students enjoy problem solving. While many struggle or show signs of frustration, researchers have found that they are more concerned about getting the answer to a complicated question correct than they are about actually working on it.

Teaches the Value of Responsibility
Students are taught to be held accountable for the work they do or do not do. By doing work at home they understand that they will be rewarded with a good grade and will have an easier time on tests. Without the work they know that they can’t expect to learn much on their own.

Reinforces Planning and Organizing
Planning and organizing are two activities that will follow people throughout their lives and take home work is just one of the first few stepping stones that helps to reinforce these activities until they have become second nature.

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Does It Matter to Have a Homework Schedule for Assignments? http://www.tutorialsinmaths.com/does-it-matter-to-have-a-homework-schedule-for-assignments.html http://www.tutorialsinmaths.com/does-it-matter-to-have-a-homework-schedule-for-assignments.html#respond Thu, 29 Nov 2018 10:54:14 +0000 http://www.tutorialsinmaths.com/?p=58 Read More →]]> Using a daily schedule makes sense when tracking your time and staying in sync with activities you need to finish for the day. Many students use a homework planner or assignment writing service to assist with getting paper done on time. Using online work from home assistance from pro writers is common among students for school assignments. A schedule for your work is a good idea when you have other assignments from other courses to keep track. The idea here is to use your time wisely and keep your deadlines on track. Here are some points to consider when determining if you want a schedule for your coursework.

Practice Time Management
The right homework help is important for your project to get the best results. If you feel you’re good with your time you may not see a point in using a schedule. It can help improve management of time by helping you see where and how your time is used throughout the day. There are mobile apps that assist with this concept that help people structure their entire day. Consider doing the same concept for academic papers that let you devote time specifically for the task.

When Some Assignments Require More Time
Who can help with my homework when my schedule is short on time? If an assignment requires a great amount of time plan your steps accordingly. In some cases, students ask for more time if they think they won’t finish a task according to instructor expectations. Break up the work to encourage better use of time and to avoid rushing.

Explore Benefits of a Schedule
Getting homework answers fast and easy from an online source is important when short on time. Many may not like the idea of being on a schedule but it helps keep you on track with what actions need done for the day. Consider why a schedule would help you and determine how to use it for assignments. Some assignments may not require a schedule if you can finish it in a day or within an hour. In this case, you would choose the best time to get it done.

Is It Right for You?
When you do your math homework or any school assignment it helps to know time availability before starting. A schedule may work for some assignments, but in the end it depends on if you are interested in using the idea as part of your assignment completing tasks. Ask others you know that depend on using a schedule for their work. Get feedback on how they find it useful.

A schedule for coursework studies can be a valuable tool when you have a full day of activities in and outside of the classroom. Getting assignments done timely is one thing to consider when you do homework. You can assess sample schedules online through templates and outlines. Consider how your time is used during the day and give priority to assignments with sooner deadlines. Use your time effectively to avoid stress.

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What Options Do You Have When Seeking A Homework Checker? http://www.tutorialsinmaths.com/what-options-do-you-have-when-seeking-a-homework-checker.html http://www.tutorialsinmaths.com/what-options-do-you-have-when-seeking-a-homework-checker.html#respond Fri, 23 Nov 2018 09:22:25 +0000 http://www.tutorialsinmaths.com/?p=56 Read More →]]> Who can help check my homework? Sometimes when grades are on the line, you don’t want to take chances submitting work with mistakes. It helps to have a fresh pair of eyes review your work and make suggestions or changes to improve quality. Fortunately, there are professional options online ready to assist. There are many forms of reliable homework help that include a form of checking over completed content and making improvements if needed. Here are some leads on types of support options available you can use for academic projects.

Pro Writing Services
Such services may have their own homework checklist template or special expertise to assist with reviewing assignments. When considering the aspect of someone checking your work, in this case you would have a custom paper writer check written content by doing editing, proofreading, revisions, and so on. The service is easy to get through reputable companies and many customers are able to get the help they need within hours. If you are working on a paper and need original information through detailed research or want someone to check over your data, it can be done within a few clicks at an affordable rate.

Support through Apps
Many asking what can check my homework answers may be interested in apps designed for this purpose. Using apps for assignments is growing in popularity. The app is accessed through your mobile device or tablet. It is a great help concept for those on the go or that take their work with them. An app may assist with completing assignments the right way by providing detailed step by step information. You can connect with peers using the app and ask them for their opinion about your work. Many find apps useful that let you type in a question or specific details and then provide a solution or give insight you were seeking to verify your info.

Asking Someone You Know or a Tutor
Some options may include a free homework check through someone you know, a free app, or by tutoring. Help through someone you know or tutor presents an honest opinion about your work. Some suggest having a friend or tutor review your work as your first option. In some cases, such as written papers, it is better to have a second pair of eyes review it and give feedback. An editor or proofreader can do this, but if you want a personal opinion from someone you know start by asking a friend or peer.

Obtaining the right assignment assistance is important. Checking your work makes a difference in the final grade or overall score of the content. Many fail to review their work and rush to submit their work. When they learn of a low score or a few mistakes that could have made a difference if caught before submission, it becomes clear you wished the paper was reviewed beforehand. Take time to find quality homework tools for your work to ensure quality results.

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Finding A Safe Homework Checker On The Web http://www.tutorialsinmaths.com/finding-a-safe-homework-checker-on-the-web.html http://www.tutorialsinmaths.com/finding-a-safe-homework-checker-on-the-web.html#respond Thu, 20 Sep 2018 08:53:24 +0000 http://www.tutorialsinmaths.com/?p=52 Read More →]]> You’ve got that big math or science homework task completed, but you are not certain as to whether the answers are correct. So what do you do at this point? You can work with a check my homework team to learn about what you can get out of a task. This type of service can help you with understanding what you are entering into when getting your homework completed the right way.

How Does This Work?
The process of using Myhomeworkdone.com, a perfect my homework answers service works with a few steps:

  1. First, you will provide a tutor with your homework project. This includes a look at all the work you have put into answering the questions you listed. You must be as detailed as possible when getting this out to a free homework check site.
  2. The tutor will review the content that you have put in.
  3. The tutor can provide you with a response listing what is correct and what you might need extra help with.
  4. You can then review the notes that are given to you to figure out what you are getting out of your work and what needs to be done to fix anything of note.

The process involved is easy to follow and can make a difference for your homework help needs. You must look at this well for your basic efforts when finishing off even the most complicated tasks you need to work with.

What Will You Get Back?
You will find many things of value in a homework checklist template. You may get a tutor to respond to you with the following:

  • Naturally, the tutor will let you know when you have answered certain things correctly.
  • Your tutor may provide you with details on any assignment problems you have entered into.
  • Individual steps to use for answering problems the right way should be listed. The assignment assistance you get will help you with seeing how to resolve problems correctly the first time around.
  • A general explanation of any common trends in your homework may be included. Your tutor should let you know about any dramatic issues that have come about in your work and how those problems are to be corrected properly.

The most important part of working with this tool is that it will give you the answers to anything you might be concerned with. You will find through your work with this kind of program that it is not all that hard for you to get more out of the work you wish to put in. Best of all, you can get confirmation for cases where you are indeed doing things the right way.

A homework checker should stand out as one of the best homework tools you can use for your studies. Be aware of how a checker can work for you and what you can expect out of someone’s services in any situation. This is to give you the help you demand for making the most out of the homework that you are trying to complete the right way.

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Finding A Perfect Homework Help App For All Subjects http://www.tutorialsinmaths.com/finding-a-perfect-homework-help-app-for-all-subjects.html http://www.tutorialsinmaths.com/finding-a-perfect-homework-help-app-for-all-subjects.html#respond Mon, 17 Sep 2018 09:39:52 +0000 http://www.tutorialsinmaths.com/?p=47 Read More →]]> The mobile world has grown to where there is practically an app for everything out there. You can find an app for helping you out with your homework in particular. You can use anything from a math homework app to a Spanish homework help app among others. But no matter what type of subject you are in, you can find a useful app for your studies. Let’s look at what can go into the best homework help apps that you can find for your studies in any field.

Review the Interface
It helps to see when finding an app about how the setup is laid out. You might find certain sections in an app based on the topics you wish to work with. An English homework help app might include sections dedicated to syntax, essay layout, and other basic points relating to your work. Anything that helps you understand what you are entering into within your work is always important to notice.

Review the Steps
A help app should give you plenty of steps for how to finish up a homework task. This includes details on things like how to prepare certain equations or how to lay out content. A geometry homework help app might include illustrated instructions on how certain measurements are to be laid out, for instance. Anything that gives you an extra bit of help in figuring out the specific steps you need to follow is always worth having.

See Test Questions
You might get sample test questions in some help apps. A math homework help app might provide you with questions that you can answer to see how well you can handle the subject matter. This is something useful to find in the best homework help app for your study, but you should be careful. There is no guarantee that the questions in an app will be in the real test you take; this is just to help you see how well you can recall the things you are learning.

Multimedia Always Helps
The best homework help app you can find many also come with videos and audio files among other things that will help you figure out how well certain tasks are to be handled. You might see in an English homework help app what you can do to get specific sentences and other bits of content organized correctly. An app may also help you figure out how words are to be pronounced or to help you see if certain sentences are easy to read or if they are complicated.

You can use a homework help app for any subject, but be sure you look at how such an app can work for you. You will find that an app like this can be convenient for any particular course that you might need help with. Look around today to find a homework help app free that you can use for getting your coursework handled accordingly and without hassle over what you wish to do with it.

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