Good, Bad and Lazy Excuses to give for not Doing Home Work

Good, Bad and Lazy Excuses to give for not Doing Home Work

It is wrong to punish people for things they have not done. Then, why do students get penalized for not doing their assignments? For someone who might have defaulted once or twice in his assignments, this thought would have crossed the mind.

At the point of submitting assignments, students come up with several excuses. The most common ones are the ones that claim to be sick. Others are usually more creative and come up with more exciting and complicated stories.

Although the excuses can be farfetched at times, the idea is to make the teacher ease out on the punishment. Here are some of the reasons that students give;

  1. My pet ate the assignment
  2. At the top of the list of excuses for not doing homework, you’ll be shocked to find, is pets. It is not very uncommon to see students trying to work around the emotions of their teachers using their pets. Saying your dog is ill is a terrible idea, and it might not work.

  3. I left my homework at home
  4. Coming to school without your homework can be a little frustrating, especially if you forgot it. But then, it shows you didn’t do it. Sometimes, it’s a result of a terrible combination of not doing your work and wishing the teacher misses class.

  5. “Was there an assignment?”
  6. This excuse is another variation of being forgetful when it comes to homework. Except you can prove to your teacher that you have serious amnesia issues, it’s as bad as saying you didn’t do the assignment in the first place.

  7. My computer crashed
  8. Blaming your failure to do your homework on your computer is very cliché. Similar to that excuse is to blame it on your printer. If you run out of luck, your teacher might request a soft copy.

    You can spice things up by cooking up stories too. For instance, your dad developed important software using your computer, and some Chinese miscreants stole the laptop. Plausible, right?

  9. Some bandits stole my homework
  10. On your way to school, some masked guys jacked you and made away with all your books, including your homework. There are two ways this story can end. Either you are nailed to the cross and die heroic or you run after the bandits and produce your homework.

  11. I couldn’t do it because it was too hard
  12. You might need a little added skill to use this excuse. First, you have to make it seem like you attempted it. Write some random words on the page, create some illustrations, and then cancel it out, making it seem like you were frustrated.


As a student in school, there are many inviting distractions. There are almost always ‘many important’ things to do as against trivial matters like your homework. You don’t have to lie about not doing your homework, especially if you had an emergency that took your time. The chances are that if you are not the regular excuse giver, you might not get punished. But sometimes it’s better to do your assignment instead of giving an excuse. Get guided homework help geography and leave the awkward excuses behind.

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