It is wrong to punish people for things they have not done. Then, why do students get penalized for not doing their assignments? For someone who might have defaulted once or twice in his assignments, this thought would have crossed the mind. At the point of submitting assignments, students come up with several excuses. The most common ones are the ones that claim to be sick. Others are usually more creative and come up with more exciting and complicated stories. Although the excuses can be farfetched at times, the idea is to make the teacher ease out on the punishment. Here are some of theRead More →

People will always have different views about Homework, and these views are as a result of various reasons. Furthermore, every person has a preference for handling tasks in a way that makes them comfortable. Some consider carrying work home, and others hate extending organization tasks to work from home. If you are an average employee, leaving work in the evening or the set time always marks the end of your connection to the day’s organization duties. But in some instances, you might find yourself overworking and taking extra hours in a given organization. All these come with the need for promotion or proving your worthinessRead More →

The quest for the impact of homework on students has now become a significant educational issue that should be addressed. Homework indeed comes with various disadvantages and adverse effects on students. Mostly, students are prone to having stress and, in turn, face a hard time when given assignments. Currently, various organizations have stipulated policies that govern the amount of homework given to students. In most cases, these organizations specify a period of 10-minute night homework for first-grade students and 2-hour night homework for students at the high school level. Schools specify a limit of 10-minute homework for any class. The question to address here isRead More →