Do you think Homework is a Form of Punishment?

Do you think Homework is a Form of Punishment?

People will always have different views about Homework, and these views are as a result of various reasons. Furthermore, every person has a preference for handling tasks in a way that makes them comfortable. Some consider carrying work home, and others hate extending organization tasks to work from home. If you are an average employee, leaving work in the evening or the set time always marks the end of your connection to the day’s organization duties. But in some instances, you might find yourself overworking and taking extra hours in a given organization. All these come with the need for promotion or proving your worthiness to the organization. In terms of education, students must do extra work after a long day of learning, mastering, and understanding new and familiar concepts. All these are done to see students succeed in their academic careers. But the extra work tends to eat up free time for relaxing, refreshing, and enjoying with friends and family. As a result, many students will have different feelings about Homework. Some of them will tend to have it as a regular activity, and some will take it as a punishment.

It was until the 20th century that students started extending learning to homes in what is termed as Homework. Extension of educational tasks to home places came with the belief that the brain strengthened with regular mental exercise. In some cases, Homework has brought success, and in others, there has been consistency in the general nature of students. Homework was first administered as a punishment, and there was universality in how the matter was handled. Students were forced to undertake these assignments regardless of their positions and behavior in classes. Currently, learners have different views and attitudes toward Homework. Some conduct these school tasks out of choice, passion, and self-drive. But trust me, the students doing this are just but a smaller fraction because most students dislike homework. Many of them always hate and dislike Homework because of what they term as pressure and stress that comes with home tasks. Others even consider it as an extended task aimed at wasting their free time. With different and most especially contrary motives towards homework, teachers or tutors are likely to be disappointed provided that their target desires are not met.


Learners always have a lot of time to practice while at school, especially under a tutor’s instructional support. Indeed, learners have more time to do revisions, explore new concepts, master new skills, and even undertake tests to determine their level of understanding. As a result, the learner seems to be tired and need someone to do my homework online to free up some time for the rest. Assigning Homework to students is a debatable idea. Come to think of pressures students encounter after a long day of studying and perhaps being forced to understand concepts that are far much beyond their understanding. Learning institutions should consider setting aside a specific time for students to conduct their homework. This is far much better than carrying the tasks to work from home. Carrying school tasks to work from home, in my thinking, can be equated to taking pressures from school and extending them to homes. As a result, students face a hard time in managing duties at home. So, Homework deprives the children of time for creativity, fun, refreshment, and sharing with others as well.

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