Can Homework Lead To Depression?

Can Homework Lead To Depression?

The quest for the impact of homework on students has now become a significant educational issue that should be addressed. Homework indeed comes with various disadvantages and adverse effects on students. Mostly, students are prone to having stress and, in turn, face a hard time when given assignments. Currently, various organizations have stipulated policies that govern the amount of homework given to students. In most cases, these organizations specify a period of 10-minute night homework for first-grade students and 2-hour night homework for students at the high school level. Schools specify a limit of 10-minute homework for any class.

The question to address here is whether homework causes depression or not. This article will, therefore, examine homework-related issues and determine whether depression is an end-result of homework to students. Well, there are many impacts related to assigning tedious and tough tasks for students. When teachers or tutors assign students tasks to work from home, various factors should be put into consideration. Realistically, many tutors miss on this matter. Tutors fail to address several issues like the amount of homework given to students as well as the manageability of the tasks assigned. In most cases, learners will always experience a hard time handling assignments that are far much beyond their abilities. If you read what happens if you fail a class in college, you will understand you should do all your best in order not to fail. Furthermore, the same students face many tasks to handle over a fixed time.

Research has shown that most students spend much of their time doing homework and, in some cases, extend into time reserved for other personal activities. As a result, the learners may end up not doing other activities that are essential in their development. Mostly, learners will end up missing on their daily activities such as sharing their concerns with family members and friends, participating in activities they have affection for, and cultivating their mentality as well as life skills. Students with a lot of homework to do are often linked to complications such as sleep deprivation, exhaustion, stomach problems, weight loss, and of course, depression. Cases of young students taking drugs such as alcohol and marijuana have scaled up at a faster rate.

Since high amounts of unmanageable homework deprive the learners of their peaceful and calm moments, instructors should focus on a strategic plan of assigning manageable chunks of tasks to learners. Teachers should also strive hard to understand the needs of each student so that they can assign homework according to student ability. Being inconsiderate means that a section of students will miss out on the required necessities, such as research materials, which in turn give the learner a hard time while doing assignments. When a learner is determined to finish the homework on time and cannot make it for some reason, there is always a possibility of feeling inferior, and this is where depression sets in. Furthermore, depression can set in when the student feels that a lot of homework is given out to be done over a short period.


Teachers should aim to curb all these sources of depression. Homework is indeed helpful to students even though they have enough time to study at school. But then additional hours for study at home can seem way hard for students, especially when they are given assignments that are not worthwhile. Let us issue homework to help the student but not to deprive their time for doing other activities and impacting depression on them.

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