5 Books That Make Math Fun

5 Books That Make Math Fun

With all the fear that has been in math circles, different authors have been taking different approaches to making the subject interesting to many who might have gotten into the idea that math is not friendly to all. As though one was looking for a homework helper for something that they were not compatible with, different authors have put together books that would encourage learners to enhance their math skills without thinking too much. Here are some of the 5 books that make math fun:

12 Ways to Get to 11
Written by Eve Merriam, this book is very useful in helping children learn how to do simple counting and add. It is good for help with different homeworks. It is full of simple pictures and words that show how learners can put together various numbers to add up to 11. For instance, there are 9 pinecones and 2 acorns in a foresting that bring to a total of 11 items. All these make math fun and easy to learn.

This book written by Henry Pluckrose is good for those who need help with math homework in capacity problems. The book provides a basic introduction to capacity, looking at the different volumes of various containers such as a mug and a tanker. It doesn’t only bring out the concept of capacity and also highlights the importance of having standard measures. The book has room for carrying out discussions leading to father learning.

Counting Lions
Counting Lions is written by Katie Cotton aimed at helping the learner do some counting. The book’s cover alone is amazing and would create a desire for the learner to get down to some serious math. By just looking at it, I would say it will be able to do my homework for me. It captivates the leaner with animal pictures and facts to a point where they will not realize that they are doing math.

Sir Cumference and The Dragon of Pi
This book is written by Cindy Neuschwander who covers a great story on Lady Di of Ameter, Sir Cumference and their son Radius. Those who need help with homework in this area can easily relate with these without many difficulties. This narration introduces learners to pi, the magic number that applies to every circle regardless of its size. The brilliance in this story is unmatched and will get children learning without their knowledge!

This is Not a Math Book
Written by Anna Weltman, this book contains a lot of art and geometry activity allowing learners to use protractors, compasses, tracing paper along with their imaginations to come up with patterns using repeated shapes in what is known as tessellations. There is a lot to learn including how to draw circles using a set of three dots and so on.

Learning can be done in different ways and most importantly, through means that are not sophisticated. Math doesn’t have to be boring or tedious. These 5 books highlight fun ways in which it can be taught without torturing anyone!

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